Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ethiopia's President Girma Meets with Ethiopia Reads

On Tuesday, January 9, Ethiopia Reads' was honored to meet with Ethiopia's President Girma Woldegiorgis.

President Girma invted Ethiopia Reads Executive Director Yohannes Gebregeorgis to the Presidential Palace to talk about Ethiopia Reads' efforts to increase literacy in Ethiopia.

President Girma was very gracious with both his time and interest, and expressed support for Ethiopia Reads. He agreed to participate in Ethiopan Children's Book Week, a festival of children's literacy which takes to the streets in Addis Ababa April 1-7.

Preisdent Girma's involvement is just one of many exciting developments surrounding Book Week. Ethiopia Reads is launching Ethiopia Reads Book Week in the United States, with events, fundraisers and projects throghout the country. The American festival will culminate with a series of special events in Washington, D.C.

Thanks to President Girma for his support of Ethiopia Reads! We are honored to include this leader among our growing network of friends and supporters.

Dejache Geneme: Another Ethiopia Reads library ready to open!

Dejach Geneme Primary and Junior Secondary School, the second school to be fully sponsored by Ethiopia Reads, will open in January.

Dejach Geneme is a public school running from grade 1 to grade 8 with 1802 students. Ethiopia Reads provides the school with all the librarian training, furniture and books of different kinds, in both English and local Ethiopian languages.

Other schools scheduled to open in January include:

Chavel's Library and Learning Center at Yewket Fana Elementary and Junior Secondary School, a gift of Noel and Tamara Cunningham of Denver, Colorado

Atse Na-od Primary and Secondary Public Scool, a gfit of Trees for Life, a non-profit organization based in Wichita, Kansas.

Shola Children's Library Welcomes Students from the French American International School of San Francisco

Here's a report from our staff in Addis Ababa:

Friday 22nd December was the happiest day for the children of Shola Children’s Library.

Students of the French American International School of San Francisco, who came to Ethiopia for humanitarian purposes, came to Shola Children’s Library to spend some time with the children in the library.

Lena Yesowhich, Leland Kusmer, Jake Moritz Cary Jones, Drew Peltler, Gabriela de Golia, accompanied by their Elizabeth Cleere, parents and staff of their host organization, Save the Children U.S.A, visited Shola Children’s Library and spent 2 hours with the children.

The volunteers participated in different activities, such as reading storybooks, singing songs and playing games with the children.

One of the volunteers, Gabriela de Golia, gave art class for eight children for an hour and half.

Volunteers also helped with book sorting.

More photos of the students working in the library can be seen on our photo album. Click on the small photo album icon to see our galleries of photos!